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Ruins of Empuries

at 14km

To the coast of the Costa Brava, and specifically to the Golf de Roses of the Mediterranean Sea, we find the ruins of Empúries. It is the only place on the Iberian Peninsula where, to this day, part of the Greek city Emporion and part of the Roman city Emporiae coexist.

The ruins of Empúries are a truly idyllic and privileged place that allow us to discover archaeological sites with more than 2,500 years of history, as well as the evolution of Greek and Roman urbanism, the period end of the Republic and even the transformation throughout the imperial age.

The Greeks settled in the early 6th century BC. C., and it was in the II century a. C. when the Romans began the romanization of the peninsula. The geographical location of the Greco-Roman architectural complex of Empúries presented great strategic benefits within the Mediterranean Sea, but the spectacular views and the great beauty of the region’s surroundings also stood out.

Excavations began in 1908 and currently only 25% of the ruins are visible. The most outstanding elements are the Solla polis or old part, the Neàpolis and the Roman city. To complete your visit, you can discover utensils, ceramics and sculptures from the period in the Empúries Excavations Monographic Museum, one of the headquarters of the Archeology Museum of Catalonia.

Access to the ruins can be done by public transport, by car or on foot from the promenade of l’Escala and from Sant Martí d’Empúries. Two little fishing villages full of cultural heritage and natural beauty that will not leave you indifferent.


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