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History of Palau lo Mirador

Saló Reial

The Hotel Palau Lo Mirador is a landmark building, first documented in 1385, although its origins go back to Torroella beginning of the ninth century AD. In this magnificent palace, intrinsically linked to the town of Torroella, important facts have been developed as part of the history of Catalonia.

It is known as Palau Lo Mirador because from the top of the tower building, which was the highest point of the village, the lords of the palace could observe and monitor all the current Empordà plain.

The family that lived in the first fortified house were the Torroellas, which were part of the Empúries County, which granted generous privileges to attract new population. In the thirteenth century the palace was transformed into the residence of the Counts of Barcelona because Torroella became a royal town in 1273. This was one of the golden ages of Palau Lo Mirador.

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Thus, King James I the Conqueror stayed here while on his way to the Council of Lyon. Also, John I, son of Peter the Ceremonious and Marti l'Humà's brother, also known by the nickname of The Hunter King, stayed at Palau Lo Mirador the last night of his life, along with its advisors, including Bernat Metge, before dying in mysterious circumstances while hunting in the forests of Foix in 1396.

The second great period of splendor of Palau Lo Mirador, was initiated by the Marquis Robert. Robert Robert i Surís at the beginning of the twentieth century did designed the building as a summer residence with an air of a Gothic palace. The nineteenth-century architect Rafael Maso was in charge of the reform project of the manor to make it a noble house. He used architectural elements from different Torroella houses owned by the family of Robert as stones, turns, hooks ... with the desire to maintain the medieval spirit of the whole.

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